Friday, October 21, 2011

Review: Macadamia Crunch Truffles by bubo

Have you been noticing that there are so many sites like Groupon now, that offer a deal of the day?

I have.

And I am probably a member most of them.

Ok, well that may be a slight exaggeration ... but it's true that I'm a total sucker for these sites.  I love a good deal, and a site that does the legwork of finding one for you is a bargain-hunter's dream.

Especially when the deal involves delicious foods.

Enter Foodsherpa.

Not only do they find you a deal, they find it on really cool stuff you probably would never find on your own.  Like Hot Caramel Ginger Sauce and Pistachio Nut Butter.  And in their daily email, they tell you where the product was "born" and why it's awesome.

Can't go wrong with that.

So when they reached out to me and asked me to preview a product that is on sale today, naturally I jumped at the chance.

It's a can of macadamia crunch truffles, imported from a dessert shop in Barcelona.

How cool is that?

Let me answer that for you.

It's really cool.  Not to mention delicious.  These bad boys are macadamia nuts covered in white chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder.

I don't even really like white chocolate and I devoured two of these without blinking an eye.

Apparently Carles Mampel knows his stuff.  Guess that's why he's an award-winning pastry chef?

Anyway if you are interested in these, then go get yourself some at Foodsherpa and enjoy!

Note: I did not receive any compensation to write this post, only the product for review.  The opinions are entirely my own.  However, please also note that as a member of their affiliate program, I do receive a percentage on orders placed at Foodsherpa via links from my blog. 


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