Monday, September 19, 2011

Chunky Monkey Thighs

Let me apologize in advance for not having a personal recipe or lengthy post ready for you - but for the past few days, I was down in South Carolina visiting the BFF, Lauren!

And the BFF's handsome-adorable-squeezable-tickletastic-chunkalicious-sweet-as-sugar munchkin... Holt!

Actually, perhaps 'meatball' is a better term... considering his thighs have to be physically jammed into his Bumbo seat in order for them to fit.

Man oh man.

I wish I could have giant thighs and still be the cutest thing the world has ever seen.

Then I could spend my days mowing through these Cheesecake Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars from Pass the Sushi:

...with a side of these Dark Chocolate Mint Crackle Cookies from Simply Scratch:

...right after I have this Pizza Nutella from Diethood:

... and this Back to School Cinnamon Bread from Scarletta Bakes:

I mean... is that really too much to ask?


  1. hahha he is soooo cute, and I love your photos..
    desserts are nom-nom..very very delicious looking!!!!

  2. SO sweet!! We miss you like crazy, Aunt Maggie! XOXO, Tyler, Lauren, Willow, Holt and Sergeant Solnosky :)

  3. I'm with you on the thighs sentiment :-) Then Nutella Pizza could be allowable for breakfast!


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